Need for clemency campaigns for three upcoming executions:

Texas has three executions scheduled for September, two which are back-to-back. Despite increasing scrutiny and lower levels of support than decades past, the killing machine is resistant to slowing down. Help us show Greg Abbott that we are done with state-sponsored murders! *Edit* Ruben Gutierrez has received a temporary stay from a federal judge, which appears it will not be lifted. Ruben Gutierrez, #999308, September … Continue reading Need for clemency campaigns for three upcoming executions:

Texas Death Penalty Update

Execution of Danny Bible This evening Danny Bible was executed at the Walls Unit in Huntsville, TX. His lawyers had appealed his execution date based onĀ  his poor physical health. He was partially paralyzed and suffering from Parkinson’s syndrome; his lawyers also argued that executioners may be unable to find a suitable vein to use for injecting the deadly drug cocktail. The issue of failure … Continue reading Texas Death Penalty Update

Weekly TX Death Penalty Update

Upcoming Executions: DANNY BIBLE, #999455, on June 27th How to write a Clemency Letter Too frail for death row? Texas inmate seeks execution reprieve Texas assures court it can carry out aging death row inmate’s execution CHRIS YOUNG, #999508, on July 17th Info on the #SaveChrisYoung Campaign: Facebook for Save Chris Young: Message to abolitionists: Petition to Governor Abbott: Please watch and … Continue reading Weekly TX Death Penalty Update