Dirty Darrington Phone Zap

PHONE ZAP! Darrington Unit is currently on an extended( 2 month long) lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic. There are currently 7 confirmed positive cases and approximately 300 incarcerated people on “medical restriction” (lockdown) or “medical isolation”(solitary confinement) at the unit. Darrington Unit is not doing enough for prisoners’ safety amidst Covid-19.  They are not even providing hand sanitizer or other basic sanitation supplies.  Darrington … Continue reading Dirty Darrington Phone Zap

Following up AbolitionistConTX with more actions!

The first Abolitionist Conference of Texas welcomed dozens of people from around the state who were able to network and attend workshops and panel sessions on prison related issues. The conference was followed by a press release and successful banner action demanding that Harris County D.A. stop supporting Death Penalty prosecutions and setting execution dates. (Read here). Future actions:   TXA, along with our friends … Continue reading Following up AbolitionistConTX with more actions!

Upcoming Actions and Events (3/14/19)

Have a relevant event to add? Contact us! Events: TXA, along with our friends from Campaign to Fight Toxic Prisons, are launching 90-minute trainings on Abolitionist theory and organizing(Abolitionism 101) and Prisoner Support (Abolitionism 102). Contact us to host a training for your organization! We are also helping to organize the Abolitionist Conference of Texas in May 2019. Stay tuned for more information or see … Continue reading Upcoming Actions and Events (3/14/19)