Pen Pals Needed

TX Death Row prisoners in need of pen pals:

We recommend you research any inmate and their charges to make sure you are comfortable before deciding to write them, and that you always be clear about what you are comfortable doing and your expectations of the relationship. While we do not intend to become a pen pal service, we do encourage pen pal relationships. This page lists inmates who are actively seeking pen pals, friends, and sometimes love. Reaching out to an incarcerated person can be a positive, life changing experience for both people involved. Please contact us if you plan to become a pen  pal to one of these prisoners or for any other information you may want or need to know. Also see, Things to Know Before you Write. 

Pete Russell (tech saavy friend needed)

Tony Medina (Artist looking for someone from Texas)

Terence Andrus

Ronald Hamilton (Looking for a friend from Texas)

Gerald Marshall (Looking for a friend from Texas)

Want to send a letter by “email”? offers this service and offers sending letters and an option to receive letters electronically scanned in. These services may cost more than regular mail. Make sure you give a return address in the letter!

Birthday Lists

Here is the OCTOBER BIRTHDAY LIST for Texas Death Row. Please consider sending a greeting to one of these folks who live in permanent solitary confinement and sometimes receive only a handful of mail every year.

– Paul Storey #999538 – 10/01/84
– Kosoul Chanthakoummane #999529 – 10/01/80
– Patrick Murphy #999461 – 10/03/61
– Billy Crutsinger #999459 – 10/05/54
– Linda Carty #999406 – 10/05/58*
– Gilmar Guevara #999390 – 10/05/69
– Arthur Williams #000736 – 10/05/59**
– Isidro Delacruz #999610 – 10/07/90
– Chuong Tong #999260 – 10/21/76
– Victor Saldano #999203 – 10/22/71
– Mark Gonzalez #999601 – 10/23/69
– Julius Murphy #999279 – 10/25/78
– Joe Luna #999509 – 10/26/79
– Bobby Moore #000663 – 10/29/59
– James Broadnax #999549 – 10/30/88
– Britt Ripkowski #999325 – 10/31/71
– Charles Flores #999299 – 10/31/69

*Linda Carty’s address is:
Mountain View
2305 Ransom Road
Gatesville TX 76528

**Arthur Williams’ address is:
Arthur Lee Williams
Harris County Jail
1200 Baker Street
Houston, TX 77002
(Greeting cards are not allowed)

For all the others the address is:

(name) (number)
Polunsky Unit
3872 FM 350 South
Livingston TX 77351

Other pen pal sites: (LGBTQ)

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