Pen Pals Needed

TX prisoners in need of pen pals:

While we do not intend to become a pen pal service, we do encourage pen pal relationships. In order to be fair to the person you are writing and to prevent misunderstandings or hurt feelings, we recommend you research any incarcerated person and their charges to make sure you are comfortable before deciding to write them, and that you always be clear about your boundaries and your expectations of the relationship.  This page lists inmates who are actively seeking pen pals, friends, and sometimes love. Reaching out to an incarcerated person can be a positive, life-changing experience for both people involved. Please contact us for any other information you may want or need to know. You may also see, Things to Know Before you Write. 

Important Note: TDCJ changed mail regulations beginning 3/1/20.

The full changes are as follows:

  • Offenders will only be allowed to receive mail from general correspondents on standard white paper. Mail received on colored, decorated, card stock, construction, linen, or cotton paper will be denied.
  • Letters sent to offenders may not contain uninspectable substances such as perfume, stickers, lipstick, bodily fluid, powdery substances or artwork using paint, glitter, glue, or tape.
  • Offenders may not receive greeting cards of any kind.
  • There is no restriction on the length of incoming or outgoing correspondence; however, a limit of 10 photos will be allowed per envelope.

To verify someone’s current unit, enter name or tdcj # here:

TDCJ unit addresses and phone numbers:

Want to send a letter by “email”? offers this service and offers sending letters and an option to receive letters electronically scanned in. These services may cost more than regular mail. Make sure you give a return address in the letter! State prisoners do not have computer access.

Death Row:

Pete Russell (tech saavy friend needed)

Tony Medina (Artist looking for someone from Texas)

Ronald Hamilton (Looking for a friend from Texas)

Here is the FEBRUARY BIRTHDAY LIST for Texas Death Row.

– Garcia White #999205 – 02/04/63

– Richard Tabler #999523 – 02/05/79

– Joel Escobedo #999305 – 02/06/62

– Us Petetan #999592 – 02/07/76

– Edgardo Cubas #999480 – 02/07/79

– Jamaal Howard #999383 – 02/08/80

– Reinaldo Dennes #999248 – 02/09/56

– Paul Gabriel Hall #999599 – 02/18/93

– Steven Nelson #999576 – 02/18/87

– Anthony Francois #999482 – 02/22/68

– Robert Fratta #999189 – 02/22/57

– Kenneth Thomas #000869 – 02/24/61

– Eugene Broxton #999044 – 02/27/55

– Scott Panetti #999164 – 02/28/58


Polunsky Unit

3872 FM 350 South

Livingston TX 77351

LGBTQ & Allies:

Note: Please note the sensitive nature of sexuality and gender identity inside of US Prisons. Being outed could result in threats and attacks from other prisoners, and repression from prison officials.  It is best to let the person you write direct you on what is safe for them to discuss. That being said, our prisons are violently homophobic and transphobic and that is why LGBTQ prisoners especially could use outside support, which is often lacking from family members. Here are a few Texas Prisoners you may choose to connect with (use links above to verify unit and unit address). Envelopes must be addressed with legal names, but letters should use preferred names.

. Laura Coelis Mendoza (#02246787) is a brown, bisexual, anarchist feminist, and mother from San Antonio.

. Miguel Angel Flores (#0208465) is a straight LGBTQ ally and artist from Houston. 

. Jose “Paula” Hernandez (#02185302) Paula is a brown, trans, former sex worker.

. Guillermo “Memo” Martinez (#0203633)Memo  is a young queer person who faces retaliation for his sexuality.

. Albert “Isla” Fred Moreno (#01323455) Isla is a mestiza native trans woman undergoing HRT.

. David Hartvikson (#0172646) is a bisexual freedom fighter from Arizona.

. Jason Renard Walker( #0153209) is an ally, and a black leftist journalist and freedom fighter.


Various pen pal sites: (LGBTQ)

Political Prisoners: NYC Anarchist Black Cross Listing