TDCJ Uses Drug War Propaganda to Crack Down on Prisoner Support

 TDCJ has changed mail regulations beginning 3/1/20. Under the premise of ending trafficking of drugs and phones into Texas prisons, TDCJ has launched “Inspect to Protect”(link), which means huge limitations on what can now be mailed to Texas prisoners. This change also essentially ends the ability of well-meaning individuals and prisoner support groups to send commissary to prisoners in need by limiting this ability to … Continue reading TDCJ Uses Drug War Propaganda to Crack Down on Prisoner Support

Following up AbolitionistConTX with more actions!

The first Abolitionist Conference of Texas welcomed dozens of people from around the state who were able to network and attend workshops and panel sessions on prison related issues. The conference was followed by a press release and successful banner action demanding that Harris County D.A. stop supporting Death Penalty prosecutions and setting execution dates. (Read here). Future actions:   TXA, along with our friends … Continue reading Following up AbolitionistConTX with more actions!

Abolitionist Conference Tomorrow 5/18

Join abolitionists from around the state in Houston on Saturday 5/18! Abolitionist Conference of Texas May 18th, 2019 in Houston, Texas Centrally located. Accessible location with free parking. Conference from 10 to 7 @ Montrose Center (401 Branard St. Houston TX 77006). *Room 106. Topics include death penalty, prisoner support, ending prison slavery, environmental issues in prisons, lgbtq prisoners, criminalization of immigrants, and harm reduction … Continue reading Abolitionist Conference Tomorrow 5/18

Upcoming Actions and Events (3/14/19)

Have a relevant event to add? Contact us! Events: TXA, along with our friends from Campaign to Fight Toxic Prisons, are launching 90-minute trainings on Abolitionist theory and organizing(Abolitionism 101) and Prisoner Support (Abolitionism 102). Contact us to host a training for your organization! We are also helping to organize the Abolitionist Conference of Texas in May 2019. Stay tuned for more information or see … Continue reading Upcoming Actions and Events (3/14/19)

February Abolitionist Social

When: Saturday February 9th from 5:00 to 7:30 PM. Where: Cafe Brazil: 2604 Dunlavy St. Houston, TX 77006 Join Texas Abolitionists for our monthly social event for networking organizers and those interested in prison, death penalty, migrant detention, and other justice related issues. We always encourage attendees to sign birthday cards to prisoners and to get involved with local events. If you have a topic … Continue reading February Abolitionist Social

DYK (#10)Texas Death Row and Indefinite Solitary Confinement

What wasn’t included in the text of their death sentences are the cruel conditions and punishments inflicted on prisoners and their families due to TDCJ’s policies for Death Row. Not only are these men automatically held in indefinite solitary confinement, many for over a decade now, but they are also denied television, educational classes, religious services, jobs, and regular phone access that many prisoners take for granted. Continue reading DYK (#10)Texas Death Row and Indefinite Solitary Confinement

DYK (#9) Sentenced to Death Without Killing Anyone

Many states, notably Texas and California, have a Felony Murder Law or “Law of Parties”  which allows for someone to be sentenced to death even if they did not kill the victim, but only acted as a participant in the crime. This law works by mandating that if you were involved in committing a felony that resulted in death(s), you are equally as responsible for … Continue reading DYK (#9) Sentenced to Death Without Killing Anyone