Abolitionist and Prisoner Support Groups

Note: As of the launch of this site we are still adding groups and resources. We welcome suggestions.

Prison/Detention Abolitionist Organizing:

Critical Resistance

Fight Toxic Prisons

Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee 

Trans Pride Initiative

Austin Anarchist Black Cross

Detention Watch Network

International Conference on Penal Abolition (Europe)


Organizing for Trans and GNC prisoners

For Incarcerated Writers/Artists:

PEN America

Uncaptive Voices

Tenacious Zine (women)

The Abolitionist Newspaper by Critical Resistance


Prisoner Support/Family Support:

Austin Anarchist Black Cross

Trans Pride Initiative

Black and Pink

Family– Texas Inmate Family Association (T.I.F.A.)

Soul Sisters (Facebook)


Legal and Reform Groups:

National Lawyer’s Guild: https://www.nlg.org/resources/

Equal Justice Initiative: https://eji.org/

Texas Organizing Project (Bail and Jail Reform): http://organizetexas.org/3786-2/

Immigration Equality (LGBTQ): https://www.immigrationequality.org/

Sylvia Rivera Law Project(LGBTQ) : SRLP.org

Decarcerate PA (Decarceration Organizing Model):https://decarceratepa.info/

Trans Equality/Trans Legal Resources: https://transequality.org/issues/police-jails-prisons

Addressing Violence and Healing:

Common Justice: https://www.commonjustice.org/

Texas After Violence Project: https://texasafterviolence.org/

Generation 5 (Ending Sexual Abuse): http://www.generationfive.org/

Transform Harm: www.transformharm.org


Books to Texas Prisoners:

Inside Books (FREE)

AK Press New Books Subscription


Podcast: Rustbelt Abolition Radio

News site: Truthout

Criminal Justice news: Marshall Project

Blog: AbolitionJournal.org


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