Abolitionist and Prisoner Support Groups

Note: As of the launch of this site we are still adding groups and resources. We welcome suggestions.

Prison/Detention Abolitionist Organizing:

Critical Resistance

Fight Toxic Prisons

Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee 

Detention Watch Network

(Europe) International Conference on Penal Abolition


Organizing for Trans and GNC prisoners

For Incarcerated Writers/Artists:

PEN America

Uncaptive Voices

Tenacious Zine (women)

The Abolitionist Newspaper by Critical Resistance


Prisoner Support/Family Support:

Austin Anarchist Black Cross

Black and Pink

Family– Texas Inmate Family Association (T.I.F.A.)

Soul Sisters (Facebook)


Legal and Reform Groups:

National Lawyer’s Guild: https://www.nlg.org/resources/

Equal Justice Initiative: https://eji.org/

Texas Organizing Project (Bail and Jail Reform): http://organizetexas.org/3786-2/

Immigration Equality (LGBTQ): https://www.immigrationequality.org/

Sylvia Rivera Law Project(LGBTQ) : SRLP.org

Decarcerate PA (Decarceration Organizing Model): http://organizetexas.org/3786-2/

Trans Equality/Trans Legal Resources: https://transequality.org/issues/police-jails-prisons

Free Books to Texas Prisoners:

Inside Books


Podcast: Rustbelt Abolition Radio

News site: Truthout

Criminal Justice news: Marshall Project

Blog: AbolitionJournal.org


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