Texas Death Penalty Update

Execution of Danny Bible

This evening Danny Bible was executed at the Walls Unit in Huntsville, TX. His lawyers had appealed his execution date based on  his poor physical health. He was partially paralyzed and suffering from Parkinson’s syndrome; his lawyers also argued that executioners may be unable to find a suitable vein to use for injecting the deadly drug cocktail. The issue of failure to find a suitable vein has caused other executions to be called off in recent years, and its prominence raises serious questions about the logic of executing someone in such poor health. Texans who have witnessed recent executions have again and again reported that the executions have appeared botched, with outbursts from the condemned prisoners and other horrifying details of convulsions. According to the local news reporting, it does not appear this execution went any more smoothly.

“The Houston Chronicle reported that Bible — who had IVs inserted into his hands instead of the crook of his arm as usual — trembled from Parkinson’s Disease and muttered “burning,” and, “it hurts,” before falling silent and losing consciousness.”

Joseph Garcia’s Date Has Been Reset

The Houston Chronicle is reporting:

“Citing a court’s clerical mistake, prosecutors are asking for a new execution date for Texas 7 escapee Joseph Garcia.

…(He) was scheduled to die on Aug. 30, but now the state is asking for a Dec. 4 date after the clerk failed to issue a death warrant in time.”

TCADP reports that Christopher Young’s clemency bid has support from the son of his victim


Victim’s son opposes execution, seeks meeting with Mr. Young

Executing Mr. Young would perpetuate a cycle of violence that began when his own father, Willard Young, was murdered in January 1992, when Chris was eight years old.  Willard was killed one hour after taking his children to a parade in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in San Antonio.

Mitesh Patel, the son of Hasmukh Patel, suffered greatly in the wake of his father’s murder in 2004.  He does not want the State of Texas to execute Chris Young because he does not want Chris’ daughters, Crishelle and Na’Quita, to grow up without a father the way he did.”

Steven Long

Mr. Long’s appeal based on Intellectual Disability was sent back to the trial court for consideration. (Ruling can be found among orders here: http://search.txcourts.gov/handdown.aspx?coa=coscca&fulldate=06/27/2018)

Rodney Reed

As we reported earlier this week, Rodney Reed’s appeal based on trial testimony was denied at the Supreme Court. As of today it seems his legal team is ready to try again.

Rodney Reed files new appeal, says scientific opinions were false


Bad News for Human Rights as Justice Kennedy Announces Retirement

Organizing Alert: If you would like to support a banner action for Christopher Young in Houston, or to organize one on the same day in your city, contact us at texasabolitionists@protonmail.com to make plans or donate towards the action!

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