What Does Innocence Mean to the Courts?

This morning the Supreme Court has handed down two shocking and disappointing rulings for those who follow the cases of the wrongfully convicted. Both Rodney Reed, on Texas Death Row, and Brendan Dassey, whose case has been widely publicized through the show Making a Murderer, had their cert petitions denied by the Supreme Court, meaning they refused to rule on the appeals. Both prisoners have had significant coverage and research done into their cases, which makes these denials a huge blow and significantly controversial due to widespread knowledge of the problems with their cases. The court’s failure to act show their limitations as an institution of “justice” and remind all of us why we can not solely rely on the courts to make things right. Resistance and outcry from the public is often needed when the courts fail us. We must support the families of Mr. Reed and Mr. Dassey by speaking up and continuing to organize until they are free. At the very least I ask that you keep them and their families in your thoughts (or prayers) and share information about their convictions with those around you. Texas has already attempted to kill Rodney Reed once and his family needs your support to make sure it won’t happen again. For more information on the cases:

Rodney Reed:

Documentary: State VS. Rodney Reed

Appeals Court Stays Rodney Reed’s Execution: After new forensic evidence, death row inmate’s execution delayed

Bastrop Judge recommends CCA deny latest appeal


Brendan Dassey:

Juveniles are owed special protection from police coercion. Brendan Dassey should serve as that reminder

Appeals court blocks “Making a Murderer” subject’s prison release

Watch: Making a Murderer

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