Weekly TX Death Penalty Update

Upcoming Executions:

DANNY BIBLE, #999455, on June 27th

How to write a Clemency Letter

Too frail for death row? Texas inmate seeks execution reprieve

Texas assures court it can carry out aging death row inmate’s execution

CHRIS YOUNG, #999508, on July 17th

Info on the #SaveChrisYoung Campaign:

Facebook for Save Chris Young: https://www.facebook.com/Save-Chris-Young-2079040235753551/

Message to abolitionists: https://uncaptivevoices.wordpress.com/2018/06/08/savechrisyoung/

Petition to Governor Abbott: https://www.change.org/p/greg-abbott-support-mercy-for-chris-young

Please watch and share this video from Chris’ 13 year-old daughter, Crishelle.

See our Upcoming Events page for info. on banner drops and rallies


Petition to Reopen the Case of Darlie Routier: https://www.change.org/p/dallas-da-faith-johnson-reopen-the-darlie-routier-case

View the Texas Execution List on our Abolitionists Resources page.



The 5th Circuit granted Ramiro Ibarra’s application for COA on ineffective assistance of counsel, but denied a COA on his Atkins claim. The decision is here:


Also: The CCA remanded Joseph Colone’s case to the trial court for completion and correction of the trial transcripts with order to file its findings within 30 days.


The Supreme Court has denied a cert petition (appeal) by Travis Runnels.


Update On Execution Drugs:

Lethal Injection Court Hearing

On Prosecutorial Misconduct:

If a Prosecutor Breaks the Law in Secret…

Relevant National News:

Jurors Thought A Gay Man Would Enjoy Prison. They Sent Him to Death Row Instead: https://interc.pt/2JFV7YB

65 Years On, Revisiting The Rosenbergs: http://islingtontribune.com/article/65-years-on-revisiting-the-rosenbergs


Feel free to submit news using our Contact form! Thanks. TXA

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