A Few Articles on Prison Abolition, Decarceration, and Prisoner Support

If you are at home this Saturday night (it’s too hot to go out, honestly) maybe you are looking for a few articles to read and a few ways to show support! We thought we would share a few links with you all tonight! What is Prison Abolition, anyway? Prison Abolitionists envision a world where isolating and warehousing human beings is no longer normal or … Continue reading A Few Articles on Prison Abolition, Decarceration, and Prisoner Support

Creativity and Abolitionist Organizing

Former Death Row prisoner Kenneth Foster Jr. wrote us about some topics that are on his mind when it comes to prisons, the death penalty, and organizing. We agree that the people we are up against can be very creative in their thinking about ways to harm and oppress others, and the same amount of creativity is needed to oppose them!   He wrote: “The … Continue reading Creativity and Abolitionist Organizing

No Pride in Prisons or Detention Facilities

In honor of pride month, we would like to offer some educational links on why prisons and detention are incompatible with liberation for LGBTQ and gender non-conforming (GNC) people. The criminalization of queer and GNC people has a long history in the Americas beginning with colonization. In many states it was illegal to engage in ‘homosexual’ activities or present as trans or GNC until a … Continue reading No Pride in Prisons or Detention Facilities

Weekly TX Death Penalty Update

Upcoming Executions: DANNY BIBLE, #999455, on June 27th How to write a Clemency Letter Too frail for death row? Texas inmate seeks execution reprieve Texas assures court it can carry out aging death row inmate’s execution CHRIS YOUNG, #999508, on July 17th Info on the #SaveChrisYoung Campaign: Facebook for Save Chris Young: https://www.facebook.com/Save-Chris-Young-2079040235753551/ Message to abolitionists: https://uncaptivevoices.wordpress.com/2018/06/08/savechrisyoung/ Petition to Governor Abbott: https://www.change.org/p/greg-abbott-support-mercy-for-chris-young Please watch and … Continue reading Weekly TX Death Penalty Update