Did You Know(DYK): Texas Death Penalty (#1)

We (at Texas Abolitionists) have many dreams for justice in 2019. One that is within reach this year is uniting to end state sponsored killing in Texas. It is one step in the direction of social and racial justice, putting value on the lives of others and their ability to change, and challenging the violence and extreme power currently granted to our “justice” system and its enforcers. We will kick off this year by bringing a topic that we are often told is “too controversial” to discuss out into the light. Check here for daily facts about the death penalty and death row (US and Texas centered facts).

Today we start with some basic information:

Texas Death Row is primarily housed at the Polunsky Unit in Livingston. Women are housed at Mountainview Unit in Gatesville.  There are 224 people currently on Death Row in Texas.

All Texas executions take place in Huntsville, and currently Texas only executes people using lethal injection. Since the “modern” era of executions began in 1982, Texas has killed 558 people. 

You can view every person on Texas Death Row, and explore subjects such as age, race, and time on death row here:

Faces of Death Row

Texas currently has two executions scheduled for this month. The national list of scheduled executions is available here:

Death Penalty Information Center


Come back tomorrow for more facts! Something you’d like to know about? Make a comment below!



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