Texas Death Penalty Update– September 20th

Two executions coming up in the next week:

Troy Clark and Daniel Acker both face executions, back-to-back on the 26th and 27th.

Take Action Now!

Call, tweet, or email the governor and Board of Pardons and Paroles to ask for a stay of execution.


Upcoming Execution Dates:

All dates:


Emanuel Kemp

Execution Delay Sought for Emanuel Kemp

Kemp’s lawyer has requested DNA testing due to the fact that his conviction was based largely on cross-racial eyewitness testimony and circumstantial evidence.

Robert Moreno Ramos

Mexican national scheduled for execution in Texas despite claims of treaty violations

Dates set:

Blaine Milam: January 15, 2019

Alvin Braziel: December 11, 2018

Other News:

Rest In Peace Clarence Brandley, Death Row Exoneree.

Read more:  “He Never Got An Apology” …


Court Rulings:

We have had a bleak month for rulings, with a lot of denials:

.The 5th Circuit denied Mark Soliz and Jedidiah Murphy

.The CCA denied Linda Carty, Charles Raby, Howard Guidry, Robert Jennings, Guy Allen, and William Mason.

.However, the CCA has returned Ronald Hamilton’s case to the trial court due to finger print evidence related to another crime which he was accused of during trial, which calls into question his sentencing hearing and could lead to a re-sentencing.


Mark your calendars for this march!





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