Texas Death Penalty Update: July 12th

Urgent: Take Action to Save Chris Young

Call the Governor: 512-463-2000 or

leave a message at 512-463-1782

Ask for a stay of execution and a commutation of his sentence to Life or Life Without Parole. The victim’s son does not support the execution and Chris’ daughters have asked the board of pardons and paroles and the governor not to take away their father. Governor Abbott is the only person with the power to grant a commutation.

Banner Action in Houston this weekend–contact us to help

Chris’ appeal based on religious discrimination in jury selection was denied by the CCA yesterday. The board will issue a recommendation to the governor tomorrow.

Families of Chris Young and the man he killed call for a halt to his execution

Court Rulings:

Mark Robertson

His claim that his trial was based on faulty evidence has been sent back to a lower court for consideration in light of the Ayestas ruling by the Supreme Court.

Teddrick Batiste:

Mr. Batiste’s COA was denied by the 5th Circuit. Ruling is here.

Rodney Reed:

 Rodney’s appeal was denied recently and his supporters have increased efforts to confront the state about the denial of DNA testing and refusal to consider other relevant scientific evidence. Read more here:

Other Texas News:

State Rep. Joe Moody, leader of House Committee on Criminal Jurisprudence, calls for an end to the Death Penalty in this editorial

Texas Obtains More Execution Drugs–But No one Knows Who is Selling to Them. The State May Be Illegally Obtaining the Drugs They Use to Kill.

Relevant US News:

Scott Dozier case: Hours before execution, judge in pharma company suit halts use of drug

Nevada Plans to Kill with Opioid Fentanyl, Even While it Increasingly Kills Users Around the Country, Showing the State’s Hypocrisy on Drugs and Murder.

Prosecutors Are Using Jailhouse Snitches to Send Innocent People to Death Row



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