Texas Abolitionists is an offshoot of anti-death penalty and prison abolitionist organizing in Houston. We want to help foster a broader movement against all state killing and violence, against incarceration and prison slavery, against migrant detention and family separation, and against repression and genocidal policies. We support prisoners’ and migrants’ rights and their acts of resistance. We are just launching as of Juneteenth(June 19th) of 2018 and hope to add to our resource pages and events calendar, and to foster networking and solidarity between these interconnected struggles. We chose to include migrant rights and detention along with prisoner issues because detention is another arm of incarceration, because deportation often is a death sentence, because we are migrants or family to migrants, and because it is a cause we care deeply about and believe is interconnected to the culture of dehumanization, destruction of families, and warehousing of human beings in the United States. We hope you will connect with us and support this project.



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