Abolitionist Book Club

Texas Abolitionists and Fight Toxic Prisons invite you to join us for our Prison Abolitionist Book Club and Discussion. Local meetups will be held in the Metroplex, but we will also hold an online discussion through Zoom for anyone from around the world to join in!

You don’t have to be an academic or well versed in these ideas to join us!  We strive to keep the topics open to a variety of issues surrounding prisons, punishment, justice, accountability and organizing. As working people with limited time we plan to pick accessible readings that anyone can keep up with and enjoy. This is a place to come, learn, discuss, and imagine a better world together! We encourage everyone to first check their local library for a copy, or an audio book version– many libraries also have e-books or e-audiobooks available of less recent titles that can be read or listened to on your phone or computer. Utilize free resources!

**Remember to take notes on pages, quotes, ideas, or questions that you would like to reference later!

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Our pick for November is the classic “Our Prisons Obsolete?” By Angela Y. Davis.

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This book is short (115 pages) and informative on the history and failings of the Penitentiary model and related issues such as gender and punishment.  A date and time will be set soon for the discussions based on feedback from interested people!

Also recommended for November discussion:






 In preparation for the upcoming movie release, we will read

“Just Mercy” by Bryan Stevenson.

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This widely acclaimed memoir focuses on the beginnings of the Equal Justice Initiative in Alabama, which was the first organization to provide any form of free legal relief to Death Row inmates there, and the case and life story of a wrongfully convicted man, Walter McMillian. The book deals with unjust convictions, white supremacy and class issues, corruption and misconduct throughout the legal system, defense of minors, the horrors of the electric chair, concepts like mercy and justice, and many other issues that Stevenson knows first-hand from his life and legal work. It is truly a powerful, must read book for anyone living in America to understand our justice system through the rarely heard stories told inside.

*There is also an adaptation for young adults available.  I highly recommend the audiobook as Stevenson’s voice is great for narration.

Also for discussion:



Learn more about upcoming executions and statistics: https://deathpenaltyinfo.org/executions/upcoming-executions

Contact the organizer, ‘Remy’,  at Remytxa@protonmail.com if you have any specific questions or concerns!